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You Jual, British Polo beri stock.

1. Kena bayar ke nak register?

Belikan mana-mana bag British Polo di website kami untuk jadi agent dropship, tiada minimum spend!

2. Jual barang apa?

Kita jual handbag wanita dengan pelbagai pilihan. Dengan harga yang cukup menarik dan memang mampu untuk dimiliki oleh semua wanita.

3. Ada support group tak?

Ada! Telegram, Whatsapp dan Facebook group. Bukan itu sahaja, admin kita akan siap bagi grafik dan copywriting, kamu copy, paste dan ambil order sahaja. Senang sahaja.

Nak Jadi Dropship Agent
British Polo?



11. How to become an affiliate agent?
Purchase any product at this website, and you are entitled to be an affiliate agent of us. A link will be generated and given to you under your profile.
22. Any restrictions for being a British Polo affiliate partner such as nationality or age?
No. There are NO restrictions. However, agents need to have an account number in order for us to bank in the commission once your “Referrals” had already purchased through your link.
33. How do I know if my referrals have purchased under my link and so on?
Once your referrals bought under your link, the commission will be sent to your account immediately.
44. How do 3 tiers commission accumulate?
When you become an agent, a link will be generated and will be stated under your profile. Once your friend, (A) purchase under your link, the commission will be directed to your online register account. If (B) purchase through (A)'s link, (B) will be entitled for the 2nd level commission.
55. When can I get my pay?
A referral will become eligible for payout ("Eligible Referral") at the end of the next calendar month (30th/31st of every month).
66. What is the maximum amount of commission earning?
Commission given will be based on different seasons and the product price. Commission schemes will change throughout different seasons. There will be no limitation for the 1st tier commission.
77. Is our company safe to be partner with?
Tracey Star (M) Sdn Bhd was established as a Licensed Distributor with a few household names (British Polo, Lancaster Polo, etc.) in Malaysia since 2010. We are an active operator of over 50 Handbag Counters at Large Department Stores (Parkson, Tangs, Pacific, The Store). Throughout the whole nation, we have achieved the average sales volume of RM 250,000 counters since 2015. Therefore, with the achievements we have achieved, we believe we can succeed and grow together.

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